Your Blog IS Your Product!

Whether or not you are blogging to make a passive income, your blog is your product. It is your FIRST product. With any product, you want to work on it so that it is as polished as it should be when you release it to the world.

Think of your blog as a business because that is exactly what it is. With any business, you start out with a plan of action. You write out a vision for your business, you make projections on its success. Furthermore, you make financial projections and marketing strategies.

Since your blog IS your business, you should treat it the same way. It needs attention like any other business would need. It needs to be developed and you may need to add a team to in order to dish out responsibilities.

I don’t say all this to discourage you from adding affiliate products to your site to make money. On the contrary. Add affiliate products that meet the same vision of your blog.

Instead, I say it because I don’t want you to neglect a product you already have before adding those affiliate products. Don’t look at your blog as a means to another product, but instead look at it as a product all on its own. A product that needs to be marketed like any other product.

It is the first product that your visitors will come in contact with. They are paying you with their time and they are paying you with shares, likes, and recommendations which brings even more traffic to your blog.

Continue to develop your blog. If you are good to your blog, I promise that your blog will be good to you.

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