How to Mind Map Your Next Blog Post

A mind map is an incredible thinking technique and is one that should be employed by all creative writers. You will not succeed as a professional blogger without some sort of system that helps you gather your thoughts in a meaningful way.

Mind mapping your blog posts will help you to be more creative, help you think, help you organize thoughts and they are fun to construct.

Before going on, I want to recommend Coggle. Coggle is a great online tool for creating visually beautiful mind maps, and the service is free. If you create an account on Coggle, I would love it if you would share your diagrams with me.

Central Theme

When creating a mind map, you must start with a central theme. In this instance, your central theme would be your blog topic / blog post.

coggle topic

Headings or Keywords

From your central theme or blog topic / blog post, you need to create your branches. You can structure your branches as headings or as keywords depending on the content’s structure.

You would use headings if you are writing posts that start with numbers, such as, Top 10 . . . , 10 Tips . . . , 5 reasons . . . and so forth. Or use headings to give an indication of what each section is about.

coggle headings

If you are not using headings in your blog post, the alternative is to use keywords. The keywords are ideas or bullet points you want your readers to walk away with.

coggle keywords

Alternatively, you can combine both headings and keywords. The headings could be your indicators, and the keywords could be the takeaways from each of your headings.

coggle headings keywords

The way you structure your mind map is really up to you. We are each unique and everyone’s brain works differently. So, you can follow the example above if it seems logical to you, or you can structure your mind map in the way that works best for you.

What really matters is that you mind map your way to becoming a successful blogger.

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